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Important facts about me: I'm a Christian, a daughter, a wife, an aunt x2, a sister, a god-mother, & a mother. [to my pets anyway] I'm pretty easy to get along with.. unless you lie to me, steal from me or talk smack about me. I love my family & real friends more than anything, although they probably don't know it. I'm not your average chick. I don't like talking on the phone; I'm more of a texter. I'm sarcastic, preppy, friendly [usually] & tomboy-ish. I don't smoke, rarely drink & curse often; although I'm trying to cut back. I'm smart, honest & artistic. I'd sooner help a stray animal than a random person. I'm trying hard to better myself & stay away from negative people & places. I rarely contact people, because I rarely have anything important to say. Anything you want to know about me, just ask.. I have nothing to hide.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008




Gabri & Mom


If you've ever watched a horror movie with my mom, you'd know that when the creatures bend backwards [like Gabri is doing in the pictures] & walk/run it really freaks her out; moreso than the rest of the movie. Well Gabri started playing around in the yard & bent backwards. I asked her if she could walk like that.. so after a few tries, she was walking really well. Mom was getting creeped out because Gabri was running towards her [bent backwards] & saying "I'm going to get you!" Ahh.. it was a fun day.


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