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Monday, June 30, 2008


*sings* I just got a new wardrobe. I just got a new wardrobe.*ends singing*

So yeah.. my sister Michelle is the most awesomest [not a word, I know.. don't care] sister. She went on a shopping spree at Old Navy & bought me:

2 pairs of flip flops. [1 blue/1 dark blue]
a grey, white & yellow shirt. [most def. needs to be worn w/an under shirt]
a grey tank top. [obv. the under shirt]
a pair of grey pants. [kinda like slacks or business pants maybe? very cute though]
a blue tank top.
a blue long sleeved shirt.
a teal [seaform green maybe?] & white striped shirt. [possibly my new fav. shirt]
a pair of blue shorts.
& a pair of dark blue jeans.

Hello.. is she not awesome?

So yeah, again, thanks Michelle!



Jzbeanie said...

What a great sister! I need a sister :(

Karen Radencic said...

She is a great sister! Even when she's not buying me stuff. hah. But gifts always make someone a little more awesome. ;)