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Monday, June 30, 2008

.Wet Dog.

We've been hanging out with Pam & John lately. We haven't really hung out with them since last year! God, we're horrible at this whole "friendship" thing!

Anyway.. P&J came over last night to groom our dogs. Pam's pretty awesome. She works at some dog kennel or groomer place so she knows what she's doing. She brought over an awesome goodie bag. I held down the dogs [best as I could] so she could cut their nails. Then she brushed their teeth & cleaned their ears. Then she grabbed the hose & the leash & decided we were washing the dogs in the yard. They've never been washed in the yard, I usually wash them in the tub.

Chomper was first. I swear to you, he is the biggest baby!! Ok, first of all, he peed & cried while we were trying to hold him down to cut his nails... before we even cut any nails! He's just a big scaredy cat! So anyway, she put the leash on him, which he already hated, then turned the hose on. I was on the phone with my mom laughing at Pam because she was being man-handled by Chomper. I thought he was going to drag her across the yard! I told mom I had to go help because Pam weighs like 98 pounds & Chomper weighs around that much too & I could just see her falling & breaking an arm or something! Hah!

Scruffy was next. He didn't put up as much of a fight as Chomper, mainly because he only weighs like 3 pounds. Although he made a point in letting everyone know he hated it.

Pam kept "accidentally" spraying me with the hose! The dogs kept shaking off on me. It was gross & cold... but fun.

Then it was Tink's turn. Tink is a moron. She tried attacking the hose & kept biting at the water. She was the easiest to clean because she loves water.. it was just hard shampooing her because we had to keep her away from the water to work the shampoo in.

After washing the dogs, we decided to relax. Not more than 5 minutes passed before my mom called me to tell me that my Uncle Jimmy was in the hospital. The hospital won't release any information without my uncle oking it & he won't ok it, but I guess from what his neighbor said, I guess my uncle tried killing himself. My mom got to talk to him at the hospital & I guess he told her that he can't do anything yet because there are people in his room [he's on "watch".. which means there is someone in there 24 hours a day to make sure he doesn't "hurt" himself] but I guess he has his mind made up that the first chance he gets, he's killing himself.

Now, I'm not that close to my Uncle Jimmy. To be honest, I'm not close to him at all. But when my mom told me that, I started to cry. I wanted to go see him then, but at the same time I didn't. My uncle has a lot of problems & obviously he doesn't know how to handle them. I think he feels alone or that no one cares & that he's a screw up.. which, sadly.. most of that is true.

He is pretty much alone, because he chooses to be. No one really does care because if he doesn't want the help, we can't force it on him. God only knows how many times we've tried helping him out. & he pretty much is a screw up. He can't live on his own, he doesn't take responsibility for anything, he's an alcoholic who has been in the hospital for liver & pancreas problems more times than I can count because of his drinking. He wants nothing to do with anyone unless he's getting something out of it. But even with all that, he's still my uncle & some where inside of him is the uncle I remember from my youth.. the uncle I love.

He's the reason I love horror movies so much. Whenever we'd go to my Nanny's as a kid, my uncle would go in his room.. grab a stack of movies.. a plate or bowl of whatever Italian meal was made that night & we'd sit in the living room watching the bloodiest, scariest, most horrifying movies he had. He always watched movies before any one else so he knew when the real scary stuff was coming up & he'd watch us to see us jump or whatever & just laugh his ass off! I'm a lot like him in that respect. [just ask Adam H & David! lol] Or we'd ask him what was going to happen & he'd say "I dunno. Just watch".. I say that during movies now too. [even though I still ask people what's going to happen next if they've seen it & I haven't. I guess some things never change]

We'd stay up all night eating Italian food & ice cream & whatever other junk food was around & watch scary movies until I fell asleep. [that could be another reason I'm a fat ass! hah!] He's probably the main reason I can watch a guy get his guts ripped out & played with while eating a bowl of saucy spaghetti & not even flinch!! But that was years ago. He hasn't been that guy since my Nanny died & he had to face the world on his own. I hope he doesn't kill himself, because I will miss him, but I think I can kinda put myself in his shoes & understand where he is coming from. I just know that his soul will never be at peace & that scares & saddens me & I know that peace is all he's really looking for.

After that we sat around in the drive way eating Starburst, being stupid & watching Derrick mess with Ellye's speakers. [Ellye is my car] When Derrick was done, we all piled in & drove to Wal-Mart to get soda, a 9 volt battery for Derrick's bass [bass guitar, not bass fish] & some bug & tar remover washer fluid. I smelled like a homeless person & barely matched because we had just finished washing the dogs & weren't dry. Plus, I didn't want to change if Pam couldn't because that's just mean. hah.

Pam decided she didn't want to walk, so she hopped into a plastic red wagon & had John pull her around the store. OMG.. they are like 5 year olds.. but in a fun way. We were there forever, but we didn't care until we got to the check out line. We stopped at Rally's on the way back for dinner & watched Jeff Dunham comedy. Pam & I decided to paint our nails while we watched JD. [girls can multi-task better than guys]

Today I spoke to my mom on the phone. There's no new news on my uncle.

We're planning a trip to PA & NJ either in July or August to visit my family. I hate that they live so far away. I also hate that my one best friend lives in AZ & the other part-times [most of the time] lives in WV! & that Adam H, Tim & David live in CA! [Rob too, but we rarely hung out with him to really form the bond we have with the other guys.. whom I miss dearly!] I hate that everyone we really connect with lives so damn far away & that we are way too poor to visit them!!

Anyway.. where was I? Oh yeah.. PA... my mom said something about some weekend wasn't good because my nephew's godparents would be staying there.. which got me thinking about godparenting. I was a little upset that neither Jen or myself was asked to be Logan's godparent & that Jen never even thought of me to be Gabri's. But than again, I'm poor, so I understand. I think I'm just overly sensitive. Hell, I know I am! The freakin' news makes me cry!!!!

Anyway, that got me thinking about my best friend Angel & her daughter. So I sent her a text & asked her if Justice has godparents. She wrote back like I was the stupidest person on Earth & told me that Derrick & I are her godparents! Ha! We are the World's WORST godparents! I mean, I knew if Justice did have godparents, we'd be it... otherwise Angel was in for a beating! I'd be highly offended if someone else was named Justice's godmother!

So we text back & forth for like & hour & decided we're going to try saving money [well, Angel & Derrick] so we can go out to AZ in January or sometime in 2009. It'll be our first time meeting Justice & the first time seeing Angel in over 5 years! She's such an awesome friend! She bussed in from Arizona just for my wedding!! & bussed home. I'm not even half the friend she is. I really lucked out with her. Out of all the friends I've ever been really close to in my youth, the bond with Angel never weakened. I'm still friends with a few people from my past, but I rarely speak with them.. [sounds familiar right?] ..but Angel & I.. our bond is sisterly.

We're going to drive out there [like a 3 day drive] stay with Angel & probably do the whole baptism thing with Justice & get to know her. Angel wants to take us out & do cool things while we're there, but I told her hanging with her, Cyle & Justice was/is more than enough. Luckily Derrick gets 2 weeks off for his next vacation!! So, if we do go to AZ, sorry NJ & PA family, but we probably won't be able to see you until 2010 unless you visit us or we do another weekend trip with my mom & Jim.

Oooh... speaking of baptisms... mom & I are getting baptized! I think sometime next month! I'm really excited about it. I know I don't talk about God much & I come off as the type of person who doesn't have faith or believe, but I do. I've been a believer most of my life. [except for a short few months after having Meningitis & having a craniotomy to remove the infection from my brain.. but God has forgiven me for that]

I've attended church regularly the entire time we lived in AZ. I even went to a few churches in MI. [mainly Hispanic churches with my friend Linda G. I had little to no clue what they were saying, but I went & I enjoyed it & I learned a little more every week] I haven't been to a church out here because I'm not the type of person who is going to dress up to impress a bunch of fakes who feel they have to be in church. I've seen the people that go to the churches in my neighborhood & I've seen them outside the church. Two separate lives.

I want to go to a church like the one my Uncle Skip went to, the one my Aunt Patti & cousin Ashley still attend. Where people go as themselves, because they want to be at a church, they want to worship God.. & they aren't all pushy & preachy. Well, I guess my mom found that church today, so every Saturday night I'll be sleeping at my moms & every Sunday we'll be in church. I'm really excited about that too. Great things are happening... great things.

Ok... man for someone who never messages or contacts anyone, I sure have a lot to say don't I??

I do love & miss spending time with all of you. None of you have a clue what you mean to me. Feel free to text me anytime. I always have my cell with me. Or email me. Or IM me. I would say call the house, but Tinkerbell is nuts & attacks me & the phone anytime I'm on it! [unless I'm talking to my mom.. which is weird!] Just don't spam me please! & my cell doesn't receive pictures or any multi-media... just plain ol' text messages!



zaccerdelli said...

Gabri doesn't have godparents.
Check out West Shore church in Lakewood. You can go in flip flops and tee shirts. It's real laid back, small, and the guy who leads the worship does it by singing and playing his guitar!

Karen Radencic said...

Wow.. I cannot believe you read that entire post! I couldn't even re-read it after I wrote it, it's so long!

I'll ask Derrick about going to that church, thanks. I doubt he'd go though, so Mommy's church might be easier.

Michelle said...

it wouldnt be very 'fair' if sean and i asked you and not jen to be godparents. just like neither of your were my maid of honor - i believe in playing fair. k? and YES long ass post....

Karen Radencic said...

i realized all that as i was writing this. pretty sure i might have said that in the post too? & you're right, it wouldn't be fair. so :P

& yeah.. i have a habit of making long posts. no idea why.